The Argentier Campaign

Game #3 - the "Silver" Bridge

Where we go to a party and things happen

… wherein the following happened:

Two days after Fonto Novo, we went about our daily routines; Irora attended a quadruplet birth to a gnome woman, Marigold did various and sundry things, Zuk encouraged Doglick to take over the family business while his family was in jail, Helg stayed out of trouble, and Bayan received an invitation to an important business party/function with Boss Vercetti. As it was a +1, Bayan sent a message to Irora asking a favor for her attendance to this function.

For most of that day, and into the early part of the next, we prepared ourselves for the function. Dresses and suits were made, hair was done, and Mavro was obnoxiously assigned to the Temple for community service. Noting that this was a stupid mistake and a waste of his talents, there was some move to have him make shoes again. Shoes, thusly, were made.

That night, Boris had no date – which worked out great for Marigold since she had no invitation. We all jumped into the Party Wagon, piloted by Helg, and rode to the nobby part of the city across the great chrome-plated bridge. Also, Zook was his normal self and came along even though he wasn’t invited.

At the party, there was dancing, drinks, squirrels in punch, conversations with boring people, and two plot hooks:

1. Vercetti’s daughter, who went unnamed, was found unconscious in her room. Irora managed to keep her from choking on vomit and getting any worse. She confirmed it was an overdose of heroin, inhaled and voluntary (most likely).

2. Vercetti, having found out his household now has a drug problem, wanted this to be sorted out. Basically, he had been turning a blind eye to the smuggling for some time figuring it was good for business. Now the smuggling of heroin is firmly entrenched amongst all the other off-the-books trade, and he can’t do anything about it fearing economic and possible physical resistance. Thus, he wants Bayan to investigate who’s running the drugs so they can be singled out and Something Done About It.

Then, around 3am, we leave. Bayan relates this information to those in the carriage.


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