The Argentier Campaign

Session 4

A horde of barbarians has conquered the port city of Cyrix 1000 miles to the north, and the city is being denuded of support people who are to go reconquer the city. Irora is left behind as part of the skeleton crew of healers. The monks from the Crane’s Rest, including Helg, are being asked to be city guards until the real guards come back.

Mama Tembo and her goblin crew have escaped the prison and Marigold was swamped with work (player couldn’t make it).

The Temple is extraordinarily busy. There are 40 clerics in the Temple and 30 of them are leaving for the Front. The Mother Superior is staying, and Irora and only one other cleric besides the MS is a trained doctor.

Bayan and Zuk try to figure out what to do about Miriam. They believe that she must compound her opioids off-site, perhaps in a warehouse in the port district. They get Helg to help them.

Bayan comes to see Irora about what poppies look like and she tells him that poppies aren’t toxic and getting rid of poppy stems and petals is easy. Bayan has a pass now to get into the Temple Library and Hospital specifically so she can consult for him.

Helg and Garotte meet in Helg’s room. Garotte asks about Zuk and needs a favor: hold on to a package for him. The package is 3 potions for the apothecary and Helg isn’t supposed to touch them. Garotte is being chased and is offering Helg a 50% cut if Helg will keep them safe. Helg is extremely reluctant and Garotte is upset about that. Helg says Garotte should ask Zuk. Helg agrees to keep Zuk honest if Zuk takes the potions.

Garotte goes to see Zuk. Zuk attacks him. They fight. Garotte tells Zuk he boosted three potions from the Royal Apothecary and he wants to sell them to Miriam. He says Sultanna double-crossed him. Asks Zuk to watch the product. Zuk boosts the product and goes to talk to Helg. He doesn’t promise to give them back.

Zuk and Helg talk.

The next morning the orphans start screaming. Irora runs out there. Grey elf cleric is standing over Mavro, who is bleeding out. He got gutted. Five kids are missing, so Irora has the Temple sealed. It’s 5 AM. Irora sends someone for Helg. Zuk runs out and goes to find Bayan. Zuk tells Bayan what’s happening and asks him to identify the potions. Bayan “identifies” the potions. Irora asks a constable to write up a report. Mavro finds a trail and Irora asks Helg to accompany Mavro down into the sewers. Bayan and Zuk agree to sell the potions to Miriam, get the money, and use their “in” with her to search the place.

Bayan’s landlady tells Bayan about the kidnapping. They go to the Temple. There the MS tells Irora that she must go into the sewer to rescue children. She asks Helg if he can go. Bayan goes. Zuk goes. Mavro might be going. Burt is a dwarven Janissary who is going. Somewhere along the line Irora prays for today’s spells.

We go into the sewers. We encounter footsteps. The ceiling falls in on the Janissary. Irora runs up to him. A crossbow bolt is fired at me. Irora screams as it hits. Mavro runs up next to Irora, gets shot at, and it misses. Helg crosses the rubble covering the Janissary. Bayan comes up to the rubble and starts to climb it. The goblins shoot. The Janissary is dead. Irora binds her wound. Mavro charges them with his mace, but falls forward on his face. Helg misses. Zuk kills one and it dissolves like runny goop. One attacks Helg, and he is stabbed badly. Helg attacks again and misses. Bayan charms the last standing goblin.

Helg backs up and Irora magically heals him as Bayan talks to the remaining goblin. The remaining goblin knows he’s not Goatlick. He leads us down a series of tunnels. The “Goatlick” says Mama Tembo isn’t behind any of this. We go down a lot of tunnels and may have doubled back around to the port district. Miriam has “resurrected” Goatlick and is using him to get fresh pineal glands for her work. “Goatlick” leads us to a door and Bayan has him open it. The “Goatlicks” on the other side grab weapons and make as if to fight us.

One Goatlick gets hit. Mavro charges into the room while Irora stays in the hall. Fighting erupts as everyone but Irora runs into the room to engage four enemy Goatlicks. We ultimately win, but Bayan and Mavro are both really hurt. Irora casts a Cure Light Wounds on Bayan and Mavro.

The party encounters Miriam in her lab. Threats are exchanged and then we attack her. We kill her and Irora dissects out her body. Her lab is broken, the children are released, and Helg and Zuk kill the two Goatlicks in the area. Her notes are burned, excepting anything that might help Bayan investigate the drug trade. Irora breaks a set of six magical hypodermic needles. We pretty much destroy the lab. Bayan finds some notes written in Aquan. Irora also smashes the jars. Magic items TBD. Some potions are found in one of the drawers, marked with Royal Apothecary seals.


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