The Argentier Campaign

Session 5

In which Zuk is relentlessly attacked by just about everyone.

The climax came when we were all investigating Miriam’s boarded-up shop and were attacked by a druid (name forgotten) and his leopard Aloysius. Both Irora and Marygold were brought to below hitpoints by the leopard, who also attacked Zuk in the chimney. Doglick and Garotte surrounded the place outside and Doglick lit it on fire with alchemist’s fire. The druid, who had struck Irora and who Irora had struck back, had been brought to 0 by Zuk and then tied up. When the fire hit, Irora freed his legs and helped him get outside (ably assisted by Marygold’s hair). He got Bayan and Helg to come rescue Marygold and Irora, who were at that point unconscious due to the shop exploding. Bayan administered to Irora one of the Royal Apothecary potions Garotte had entrusted to Zuk (which was the reason for the whole kerfluffle) and it healed her injuries and regressed her to 9yo.

Irora was given a Hat of Disguise and now looks like a 25 year old Halfling. She took her leave of the Temple and moved in as cook of the Shining Dragon, Lucas having been fired that day. The Mother Superior, Cassandra, Marygold, Bayan, Helg, and Mavro know Jalista is Irora, but Zuk doesn’t and neither does anyone else save a grey/high elf (name not remembered) who started working at the Temple that morning and who gave advice to the others when Irora and Marygold woke in the Temple after getting blown up.


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